Barbershops vs Salons, Diesel Barbershop Breaks Down the Difference.

Do you ever feel like your haircut misses the mark? Are you typically left unsatisfied with your hair visit? If so, it could be that you are going to the wrong place. We are going to settle the age-old battle of barbershops vs salons.

If you are going to a salon, that’s probably the case. Many guys go to salons or places with “clips” or “cuts” in the name. These places cater to a broad audience. Because of that, salon stylists are usually generalists, meaning they know a wide range of haircuts. This sounds good at first, but what you want is a specialist. Instead of a stylist who is technically okay at a variety of haircuts, you want someone who specializes in the latest men’s grooming trends.

This is where a place like Diesel Barbershop comes in. Barbershops are specialized in cutting men’s hair. They know what men are looking for in a haircut and are familiar with the full range of men’s styles.

Going to Diesel Barbershop is also about more than getting a first-rate cut. The experience of a Diesel Barbershop is unlike any other. At Diesel, you can relax and enjoy a cold beverage in a drama and gossip-free atmosphere, which is a far cry from the sterile environment of most salons.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide where you want to go for a haircut. But before you make your final decision, here are four reasons why you should go to a barbershop.

Barbershops vs. Salons

Barbershops vs Salon: Barbers Know How to Cut Men’s Hair

Salons employ just cosmetologists trained in cutting hair and coloring, perming, and other procedures. Most guys won’t need these services, but they need someone who knows how to give a fantastic men’s haircut.

Diesel Barbershop team members are specifically trained in the art of cutting men’s hair. They study male hair types and hairstyles, so they have an in-depth knowledge of classic styles, as well as straight razor shaving and beard trimming. They also know what to recommend if you have any questions. Whereas salons typically make general, vague recommendations, Diesel Barbershop team members can analyze elements like hair type and face shape to help find the right cut for you.

The Environment of a Barbershop is Decidedly Masculine.

Be honest with yourself: Do you genuinely enjoy going to a salon to get your haircut? The answer is probably not. It’s not a place where you can go and just be yourself.

On the other hand, Diesel Barbershops were designed with you in mind. We have created a no gossip, no drama environment to provide the best overall men’s grooming experience. The look and feel of Diesel Barbershop is a part barbershop, part salon, part old school record store, part mechanics garage, part tattoo shop, and part vintage arcade. A man-cave for great haircuts and an amazing overall haircut experience, if you will. When it comes to barbershops vs salons, barbershops take the win on the environment.

barbershops vs salons

At the Barbershops, you can get more than a Haircut.

As a guy, your hair options are limited if you go to a hair salon. You can get your haircut, maybe a shampoo, and that’s it. The rest of the services, like perms or coloring, you probably won’t need.

Diesel Barbershop offers services specifically for gentlemen. In addition to getting a haircut from someone knowledgeable in men’s hair, you can get a beard trim, brow/ear/nose wax, scalp massage, line up, and a hot lather shave with a straight razor. You’ll never see this offered at a salon.

Barbershop vs Salons: Barbershops provide top-of-the-line Hair Products.

Most salons will only have basic styling products, such as shampoos and gels. If you’re after a high-quality hair product to use, you could be out of luck.

Diesel Barbershop carries specialty men’s hair products, like pomades, beard oils, butters, shampoos, and conditioners. Best of all, the barbers will be able to help you decide which product is best for you. Say you want a good pomade for a pompadour. Explain that to your barber, and he’ll be able to find the suitable pomade for your hair type and style needs.

Before you pop into the quick in and out salon around the corner, ask yourself; Am I genuinely happy with how my hair looks when I leave there and the service received.