Diesel Barbershop's Guide For Awesome Eyebrows.
Diesel Barbershop Guide For Awesome Eyebrows

Want head-turning (in a good way!) eyebrows that suit your face? Learn the “Do’s and Don’ts” of eyebrow shaping in our “Diesel Barbershop Guide For Awesome (And Manly!)  Eyebrows”.

Diesel Barbershop Guide For Awesome Eyebrows First Recommendation: Regular Maintenance

The first rule is to regularly maintain your eyebrows.  This is no different than what your special girl likely does to keep her brows looking flawless. Yes, you may have made it the first 20 years of your life without needing to do anything about your brows—but times have changed. Your eyebrows need regular attention just like any other hair on your body.

Here at Diesel Barbershop, we know as men get older, their eyebrows require more work to keep them neat and tidy. It doesn’t matter whether you have big and bushy eyebrows or scraggly ones; every man can benefit from grooming their brows regularly.

Before you reach for the tweezers or try the latest eyebrow grooming fad, there are three Diesel tips you should know:

  1. Not every eyebrow shaping technique is a good idea.
  2. Over-tweezing is a common mistake that many men make when shaping their eyebrows.
  3. Just because Gen-Z is doing it does not mean it is for you.

Diesel Barbershop Guide For Awesome Eyebrows 2nd Recommendation: The Bold and the Thinning Eyebrows

Let’s dive in a little further: Bad eyebrows can hurt your appearance. Out-of-control eyebrows that are verging upon a unibrow are not something your office team or significant other wants to stare at and makes you appear messy.

Thinning eyebrows are on the same level. Similar to the fine lines and wrinkles that are common around the eyes as they age (which you can treat with a men’s skincare routine), thinning eyebrows make you look older too. While we can “Fade the Gray” in your hair with Diesel’s hair coloring service, it will be a moot point if your eyebrows are making you look 10-years older.

Diesel Barbershop Guide For Awesome Eyebrows Third Recommendation: A Shape and Style for Any Age

At Diesel Barbershop, we commonly see men in their 20s and early 30s keep their eyebrows neat and tidy. Some young men will need a few simple plucks of the hair, while others will need a regular wax routine.

Men in their late 30s and older will likely need to look at things differently. Plucking their thinning eyebrow hairs is a big no-no. Fortunately, eyebrow-shaping solutions can make eyebrows appear fuller without looking unnatural.

Developing a Routine

Whether you’re trying to score a date, land a promotion, or feel more confident, Diesel Barbershop can help you be proactive about your eyebrow grooming regimen. When you come in for your next appointment, one of the barbers can walk you through the best plan of attack for your brows. A few recommendations they may suggest.

  • Schedule an eyebrow waxing appointment every 4-weeks to keep your brows looking clean and tidy.
  • Invest in a good eyebrow comb that you can use to help those bushy brows all go in one direction.
  • If you have eyebrows that are hard to tame, you may need to use an eyebrow gel
  • Thinning eyebrows may call for a product that can help with growth or a product to make them look fuller.

These are just a few of the suggestions a Diesel barber may suggest when evaluating your brows.

A Few Best Practices

Remember, bushy eyebrows aren’t necessarily a bad thing 

George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Dave Franco, and plenty of other good-looking male celebrities have bushy brows that are well-kept and natural-looking.

Use the Right Tools and Products

All you need for a simple tweezing job is a pair of high-quality tweezers, precision tip scissors, a comb, and a mirror. However, some men can benefit from other tools and styling products.

Leave Some Grays

As tempting as it may be to pluck all your grays, it’s best to leave a few in there. Plucking too many gray hairs will make your brows look sparse.

Don’t: Try Shaving Your Eyebrow Hair.

Shaving your eyebrow hair is a bad idea for numerous reasons—the first being that it grows back quickly. You’re shaving the hair from the surface, which means it will need to be shaved again within days.


Well-shaped brows may not guarantee you a hot date or new promotion, but numerous studies have shown that you come across as more polished and organized when you perceive yourself as looking your absolute best.  

Besides, nicely-shaped brows are a confidence booster. With a few simple eyebrow shaping tips, you can achieve perfect, natural-looking brows that enhance your handsome appearance and confidence. Our stylists and barbers are here to help you find that sweet spot for your brows.