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Own a Diesel Barbershop Franchise!

According to this 2017 Forbes article, barbering is the fastest-growing profession in the U.S. with a rough growth estimation of 10% – on par with the number of licensed barbers in the past two years. Revenues for barbershops are expected to reach $867 million in 2018 and up to $910 million by 2020. A 2017 U.S. Market Research Report estimates that 152,284 people were employed by barbershops in 2017.

It’s a good time for barbers – especially those with specialized services as they are becoming more and more popular.

Many Diesel customers are 20 to 60 years old with a couple of years of college or a college degree, who care about their appearance and are willing to spend a little more to get a quality haircut.

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Who We Are

Diesel Barbershops are the 21st Century versions of the corner barbershop. Customers enjoy services like the signature “Diesel Plus” (haircut, neck shave, shampoo, scalp massage, hot towel face treatment, and shoulder massage) and also watch sports on TV, play video games, and enjoy a local craft beer or soda if they wish. Diesel Barbershop gives customers a place to relax – and get an awesome haircut experience.

In short, it’s a place for customers who just want to be themselves.

That said, Diesel Barbershops are the antithesis of beauty salons that sometimes come with high drama and gossipy clients. Instead, they are an oasis for customers looking for a more masculine atmosphere where they’re free to talk sports, pop culture, movies, history or whatever their interests are with their barber or other customers. In fact, most customers will linger after their haircut to finish their beer or try to set the high score on Donkey Kong.

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Why Consider a Diesel Barbershop Franchise

This is a very attractive business model that offers a low investment, good ramp-up, small number of staff, and strong potential return on investment. We’re completely dedicated to helping franchisees be successful and we are here to help make that happen in all aspects of the business.


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Looking for the Right Candidates

We are looking for motivated individuals who are prepared to take their financial future into their own hands and create successful Diesel Barbershop franchises; people who have the ability to set goals and strive to achieve them; people who are able to learn and execute a precise business plan; people that can lead and motivate employees to achieve short and long-term goals. To be a successful Diesel Barbershop Franchisee, you must be ready to invest in yourself.

Diesel Barbershop Franchisees can come from all walks of life. Franchisees should be smart, successful, and motivated business leaders. Having a disciplined acumen for maximizing opportunity and knowing how to follow a system to run a business. Franchisees should be committed to building productive teams and relationships. Knowing how to inspire and how to bring out the best in other people is a key to success for all franchisees.

Founder of Diesel Barbershops Shayne

As a Diesel Barbershop Franchise Owner...

You will hire managers to oversee the managerial duties of a barbershop. Diesel Barbershop Franchise Owners may or may not be working in the shop on a daily basis and often times may have a full-time job and/or other investments that they are managing. This is a Train the Trainer Model: Diesel Barbershop Franchise Owners will be trained to manage the manager as the CEO. The shop manager will be trained to run the shop, implement the business model and work with the owner to maximize the profit of the shop. The owner will access the shop’s Point of Sale System (POS) to help implement the sales and inventory control system. The shop managers will receive comprehensive training in all operations of a Diesel Barbershop Franchise, which is designed to trickle down to all employees working at any Diesel Barbershop location.

Next Steps

To start, please submit this form and we’ll contact you to begin your investigation of becoming a Diesel Barbershop Franchisee. You’ll be given plenty of time and opportunity to perform your due diligence while we get to know each other.

Diesel offers many great territories possibilities for franchisees and we look forward to helping you get all the details. Thank you from the Diesel Barbershop Team.