To Steam or Not to Steam. Diesel Barbershop's Opinion on Steaming

Attention guys, dudes, and bros. At Diesel Barbershop we are talking about steaming. You may already be familiar with the concept as it pertains to broccoli. Better yet what your girlfriend does in her 5-step process at the day spa, just between exfoliating and mimosas.

 You also might be thinking, “What does this have to do with me?”


Everything! All the benefits that your girlfriend, broccoli, and your mirror receive can prove beneficial to you as well. At Diesel Barbershop, we believe taking time for steaming can have a huge impact on your skin and your overall health.

The Benefits of Steaming

So what benefits are we talking about? Interestingly, they can all be summed up by words starting with the letter S. We are trying to keep it simple!


How would you describe your own skin?

If you answered, “I would describe it as doing a pretty good job of preventing my internal organs from falling onto the ground,” then you are a typical guy. Fair enough, but not what we are looking for. We are looking for more of a 1 to 10 scale. 1, your skin is as scaly as an alligator or 10, it is as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Even rugged, tire-kicking, non-metro dudes should be concerned about healthy skin.

Diesel Barbershop Men understand steaming regularly opens your pores, letting the sweat flow freely and taking with it whatever gunk and impurities have worked their way into your hide over the course of your busy day: city grit and grime, soap and shaving cream, dead skin, the blood of your enemies, etc. You want to get it all out of you and sweating profusely in a steam room is the best way to do it.

I am sure you are thinking you sweat all the time so what is the big deal? Yes, but the sweating you do in a steam bath is not your average quality sweat. You’re bathed and showered; your skin is exposed to healing wafts of 100% humidity; there are no harsh fabrics rubbing against you; your pores are open and doing their job flawlessly. Steam-room sweat is the premium version of sweat.

After a session of steam, your skin will be smooth, moisturized, and cleansed of impurities. 


What do you do to relax? Play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? Argue politics on Facebook? Watch the game over beers and pizza? Bowl? At Diesel Barbershop, we love pizza, beer, and watching the game, but we understand that is not the best way to relax.

With the possible exception of bowling, these are all stressful things masquerading as relaxation. Sure, these activities are fun, but what your body and mind really require, ideally once a day, is to stop moving, stop thinking, stop reacting, and zone out. Let your breathing slow. Get the blood flowing. Let the concerns of the day melt from your mind as your limbs loosen, muscles go slack, and endorphins work their magic.

Steam rooms actually increase your heart rate, as your circulatory system works to rush blood to the surface of your skin to cool the body, but for basically healthy individuals this results in a looser, happier, calmer you, and ladies love a calm Diesel Man.

Steam shower enhancements such as aromatherapy (things that smell good) can make the experience even more balancing and effective.


Maybe your jump shot is the best on the block, but sports—especially sports played on weekends after a long week of more sedentary, desk-bound activity—take a toll on muscles, joints, and other body parts you might want to hang onto till old age, just in case you need them.

The men of Diesel Barbershop know steam showers are a great way to ease swelling and improve the elasticity of tendons and ligaments. Some studies suggest high heat can even increase the rate of muscle growth. And minor aches and pains can almost vanish after 15 minutes in a steam shower.


Finally, the cure for the common cold! Just kidding. Though the cure for the common cold is off the table, it has been confirmed that a steam shower can reduce the symptoms of a cold, and maybe even shorten its duration. Moistening your airways, reducing congestion, and even killing off a few viruses that can’t take the heat are just a few ways heat helps you battle illnesses. These are all good things that will make your misery more enjoyable.


At Diesel Barbershop this ranks high on our list of benefits. Immersion in steam results in a nice, smooth, irritation-free shave. But do not attempt this at the gym or in any kind of public steam room, because you’re likely to get kicked out— and it can be pretty embarrassing to find yourself standing in the parking lot wearing nothing but a towel, with a half-bearded face and an angry gym staffer shaking his fist in your general direction. You might even wind up on Instagram.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a steam shower in your own home, you can shave whenever, wherever, and whatever you care to. In fact, we recommend a 15-minute steam session every morning, during which you shave your face, bliss out, limber up, and follow it up with a bracing cold shower.

What a great way to launch yourself into a day of conquering the universe. Or at least paying the bills.

In-home steam showers are easier to obtain than you may think.

Most standard bathroom showers can be retrofitted to be personal steam showers without investing a ton of money or effort. Installing a steam system can increase the value of your home and make steaming an easy and integral part of your daily routine.  

You’ll look better, feel better, and nobody’s gonna tell you not to shave in there.

There’s another benefit. That’s right: Construction project! You might even get to smash your bathroom tile and drywall with a sledgehammer. (Please get approval from your significant other before going full demo on the bathroom.)

Next time you visit Diesel Barbershop we will do a simplified face steaming with one of our hot towels, but don’t let that be the only time you experience true steaming bliss.